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MicroXtreme Portfolio..

MicroXtreme's private local network utilizing only very high quality hardware, plus the latest in wireless technology, Has been designed to meet our standards and our most demanding requirements, now and into the future.

MicroXtreme's private local dedicated network delivers everything for home or business needs: at a higher efficiency for your everyday activities such as Internet, E-Mail, Video and Audio streaming.

Built on reliability. To prevent outages or slowdowns, our wireless network includes, dedicated full duplex routes with automatic fallover between all our major points, plus multi redundant high speed business class connections to the Internet. We also protect our customers from common security loopholes and breaches, such as virus infected computers, denial of service DOS attacks and common open port scans.

Goal Provide high speed dependable wireless internet to all current and new customers 24/7/365.


Our Performance...

Performance. We require and maintain extremely low latency and exceptionally low packet loss Which enables our customers to realize the full potential of today's high performance wireless networks and high end applications.

Capacity. We will never oversubscribe our network. Our scalable & flexible network design allows us to expand, upgrade, reach and grow linearly with our local customer's requirements, plus the demands of next-generation computer technologies, software and internet.

Because we're highly committed to delivering on these standards, we are willing to make our current network coverage and performance available to all of our customers. We wont say "up to" if you ask what speeds you should be receiving. You will get the download/upload speed of the package purchased no less. has earned a reputation for speed, reliability and service. We will continue to provide the very service our clients deserve and have come to expect.




MicroXtreme Wireless.. How It Works..

At this time our service is being offered on a month by month, or longer basis. No Contracts. No Hidden Costs. No Early Termination Fee.

If our equipment is required for your wireless connection, there will be a one time $100 professional Computer Firewall/Network setup fee. MicroXtreme will retain ownership of Antenna, Poe injector & Any additional equipment required for the wireless connection to our network.

If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your service, Please contact us. The beauty of offering our service with no contract is that you don't need to worry about canceling. There are no cancellation fees. No recourse for cancelling.

If you leave for an extended period of time (i.e. vacation, financial hardships) we will gladly leave our antenna at your location so you can reconnect your service at any time, with no consequences, and no reconnection fees, simple with no hassles.


Our True Stealth Firewall: Smart Security...

MicroXtreme has completely hidden itself and you from unwanted prying eyes. We have an adaptive, true stealth, firewall with port scan protection. When our firewall flags a suspicious user, scanning our network for security vulnerabilities, it automatically blocks that user from ever attempting any attacks on your connection and our network again.

MicroXtreme has implemented multiple connection backhauling to ensure that you always have a connection to the world wide web. Implementing this backhauling technology also ensures faster load times and little to no wait time.


History: A short story. How started..

MicroXtreme was officially launched late 2009 after Eric Campbell and Shannan Dye the owner of MicroMedix, where fed up with the constant barrage of complaints about slow or down internet, little to no response to numerous phone calls to support or "Its your computer" as a response to most every internet connection problem.

The main tower downtown Bucyrus was originally repaired around early 2009 for security cam remote monitoring at TrueValue and at Pisanello's Pizza from MicroMedix. The tower as it was, was held up by a rope because the original brackets had come loose, leaving the tower all but falling off the building. Eric Campbell approached Patrick T Murphy about repairing and rehanging the tower for use as a camera monitoring link to the hardware store and pizza shop.. Pat approved the idea stating "That tower is hanging by a rope and really needs removed or fixed". The tower was thoroughly checked over for week spots rust holes and overall quality..

TrueValue donated Ox-Rust paint in a pale blue to try to blend the tower with the skyline as much as possible to maintain a clean look.. Paint was applied and the tower was rehung on the inside corner of the building and chimney for a stronger mounting point, a few feet from its original location.. Double guy wires where installed on three sides to ensure tower stability even in the highest wind and ice conditions.. A single wireless link was installed to TrueValue and Pisanello's making remote monitoring possible..

An established local wireless provider was upset with the improvements and equipment plus the perceived threat of another wireless provider starting up in Bucyrus.. Pictures where taken and city officials where contacted, old photos were pulled out and examined.. "That tower is in this old picture also" & "It may be taller than it was its hard to say for sure" & "Its all on Pat's building"..

Patrick contacted Eric to inform him of the complaints from the local wireless business owner.. Eric and Pat sat down and had a long conversation about everything that had happened up to that point.. It was decided that the time was HERE to START that Perceived NEW WIRELESS PROVIDER.. For the reasons above and also the demand for wireless downtown.. But mostly to give customers a choice and improve the quality of the available wireless service providers.. Eric contacted John Gobrect about his interest in anything sounding Fun.. "Lets do it" and paperwork was started with the attorney..

Starting from about May 2009 till now there have been setbacks along the way. Mainly "Starting from Scratch" requiring lots of research in order to learn the best ways of setting up and configuring equipment hardware, software and what hardware is the most stable and of the highest quality.. Many many many changes and extensive testing by Eric and the techs at MicroMedix.. It was time to connect the first test customer, Eric Sparks stuck his neck out willing to "Give it a try".. With a few down times, some very slow load times, a few Road Runner outages, not to mention the few "I broke it" problems caused by Eric.. In August 2009 a High Speed Road Runner business class was installed as the main Internet connection , plus a backup DSl link to the internet as a fall over connection "Incase RR is down again".. A new set of 3 antennas and radios, 2 APC switches, and 2 routers where installed, A lot of serious changes where made to software running the equipment mainly firewalling, giving the customer much better protection form the internet and also eliminating lots of excess Garbage network traffic.

The only thing needed yet was a good name and an eye catching look to go with it.. Shannan MicroMedix owner donated the name to the project giving the business the perfect XtremeName.. The state was contacted about LLC paperwork.. Bruce and Eric started hunting for a look for the new MicroXtreme name.. After weeks Eric stumbled across parts of the layout you now see, on a web design host to witch Bruce is a registered member.. 44,000$ was the asking price for the complete raw layout.. Nowhere near that was actually paid for the work done mainly by Bruce with some input and annoyance from Eric.. A test page was setup on a slow but stable host and later move to a much faster domain, after completion of the new hosting registration in February 2010 the new web page was on display for the world to see..

MicroXtreme went public slowly by word of mouth, adding one new customer here and there, only close to the main tower to insure the new system would perform very well and its operator, where really ready to handle the wave of people who would want to go Xtreme.. A few new problems came up and where ironed out, lots of experimenting with all three public wireless bands 900Mhz 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz was done for performance reasons, plus some more small changes to the equipment and routers.. MicroXtreme was ready to expand..

Arlo & Patty Lutz long time customers of MicroMedix where interested in helping out. They donated the use of there 80' grain leg East of Bucyrus to the cause.. Mike & Barb Leuthold also interested, helped donating there 85' grain leg North of Bucyrus.. Plus there are other farmers and home owners interested, MicroXtreme just has not been able to "Get there Yet".. We are always adding upgrading and growing.. Please be patient we will continue to try to connect everyone who is interested in fast reliable internet service and quality support..

Any new content or changes have been made by Eric, but he Thanks everyone that has visited for the actual number of users who visit this page (see main page) each day for updated construction pictures and other content with more being added all the time..

Thanks Everyone From MicroXtreme and its supporters..


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