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MicroXtreme Wireless Internet Services LLC.

The Pfeifer Farm North 100' silo.. Helping MicroXtreme expand to provide quality highspeed wireless internet to more customers than we could reach before..

Again Many Thanks to the Pfeifer Family.. For the Help and Support.,

Old Downtown Pictures
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North Grain Leg Pictures
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East Grain Leg Pictures
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Bucyrus Flood Pictures
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North Silo Pictures
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Our True Stealth FireWall: Smart Security...

MicroXtreme has completely hidden itself and you from unwanted prying eyes. We have an adaptive, true stealth, firewall with port scan protection. When our firewall flags a suspicious user, scanning our network for security vulnerabilities, it automatically blocks that user from ever attempting any attacks on your connection and our network again.

MicroXtreme has implemented multiple connection backhauling to ensure that you always have a connection to the world wide web. Implementing this backhauling technology also ensures faster load times and little to no wait time.

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