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Bucyrus Square Weather / Traffic Cam

If you are new to our site and our services: Greetings!

Download all snapshots taken each day in a single file.. Listed Here

Old Downtown Pictures
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North Grain Leg Pictures
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East Grain Leg Pictures
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Bucyrus Flood Pictures
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Oberlanders Pictures
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North Silo Pictures
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Our True Stealth FireWall: Smart Security...

MicroXtreme has completely hidden itself and you from unwanted prying eyes. We have an adaptive, true stealth, firewall with port scan protection. When our firewall flags a suspicious user, scanning our network for security vulnerabilities, it automatically blocks that user from ever attempting any attacks on your connection and our network again.

MicroXtreme has implemented multiple connection backhauling to ensure that you always have a connection to the world wide web. Implementing this backhauling technology also ensures faster load times and little to no wait time.

MicroXtreme Wireless: How It Works..

At this time our service is being offered on a month by month, or longer basis. No Contracts. No Hidden Costs. No Early Termination Fee.

If our equipment is required for your wireless connection, there will be a one time $100 professional Computer Firewall/Network setup fee. MicroXtreme will retain ownership of Antenna, Poe injector & Any additional equipment required for the wireless connection to our network.

If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your service, Please contact us. The beauty of offering our service with no contract is that you don't need to worry about canceling. There are no cancellation fees. No recourse for cancelling.

If you leave for an extended period of time (i.e. vacation, financial hardships) we will gladly leave our antenna at your location so you can reconnect your service at any time, with no consequences, and no reconnection fees, simple with no hassles.

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